Common Questions: The "A" student dilemma

But I was an "A" student in high school, why do I have a C in this class?

You mastered high school just like many other students here, that’s great, it shows you know how to follow instructions and take direction from a “boss" (teacher). Now that you are in college you have to master taking directions from many bosses at once, as you will often have 3-4 different professors throughout a semester.  I often tell my students the most difficult part of college is remembering that in order to do well you have to first figure out what each professor wants and then give it to them. You might not agree, you might not understand, but if you are interested in an "A" then sometimes that just isn't as important.

This might mean for some of you actually taking the time to attend your professor’s office hours and asking specific questions about assignments. Do not simply assume based on previous courses!!!! Also, it is crucial to  make friends in every course to ask questions and chat with. There will be days you can't make it to class or realize at 11 p.m. you have a question on an assignment due in 9 hours. There is no way you are getting a hold of hour professor, text your friend from class instead! Additionally, if you are still needing extra help understanding the requirements for a course,  use the many campus resources available to all students: tutoring, writing center, counseling, etc. You will soon be on your way to getting those A's back in no time!