Common Questions: I Hate My Major, Help!

Dr. Winters, I hate my major but am getting ready to start my senior year of college, what should I do?

If many of you are like me, you fell in love with the idea of college, living on your own, joining a fraternity or sorority, and didn't give much thought to your actual major. Your parents told you it was important to get a college degree so you declared  a major: business. This worked until you had to take microeconomics, accounting and business law and then realized you didn't enjoy it.  This is a common theme among many students who haven't spent much time soul searching to determine what it is they actually enjoy doing. But you must not simply settle! Don't just graduate because you feel like you have to. Work on finding a major and career choice you will be excited about doing on the daily! Here are some simple steps to get started:

1. An easy way to do this is by working backwards. In order to understand what your dream job really entails you must first have an idea in your head of what industry (or specific company) you have always wanted to wok in. Is it Finance? Entertainment? Law? Technology? Then start talking to friends and family members to identify any connections you may have. If there are none then simply seek out someone with your dream job to ask for an interview. It can be anyone! You are looking for any insight, so remember to be open minded about meeting new people, even if they are a CEO and seem out of reach.

2. Once you have identified an interviewee, simply make the connection via email, telephone, or social media. Be honest with them. Tell them you are a college student researching careers and want to know about their experiences. People love talking about themselves, and are much more open to helping college students because they don't perceive them as competition.

3. Next, you should schedule a time/list of questions to ask them regarding the specific path they took. For best results this should happen face-to-face over coffee, or lunch.  Be sure to ask about major, classes, internships, jobs, and for any other pertinent career advice they might have. Come prepared with paper to take notes or record the conversation with their approval. Be sure to also ask about what a typical day looks like. Ask them what time they start their day, what time they get home, if they have time for hobbies, family, etc. Be creative with your questions.

4. Finally, when the interview is over and you have thanked them for their time, reassess your major and career choice. If you are not happy and don't have a plan repeat steps 1-4 until satisfied!

 Do not settle, Do not graduate, Figure out a plan, path, goal, career that will make YOU happy! Now is the time, while you are still in the college mindset, many of you with no other distractions.